Clients choose us because we create advertising that sells. We know this because we spend as much time tracking results as we do creating campaigns. Here are four ways to the make your work work harder.

1. Positioning: The most important decision you can make is how you will position the product you want to sell. Should Formula E Racing be positioned as a cleaner alternative to Formula One? Or the world’s first urban street racing series? The results of your campaign depend less on copy and visuals, than on how your product is positioned. We are experts at helping you find product market fit.

2. Say less: Most campaigns reflect a long list of objectives and embrace the divergent views of too many executives. Yet a customers ability to recall the content of your ad decreases the more messages it contains. The lesson? Agree on 2-3 big campaign promises and make sure you stick to a single message per ad. Most people can catch a ball, but drop everything if you throw them three.

3. Be different: Challenger brands often have smaller marketing budgets and are less well-known. Facing these disadvantages, it makes little sense to make your ads look like everyone else’s. Best case? Your ad will be ignored. Worst case? You’ll look like a Diet Coke version of the market leader. For challenger brands who want to grow, contrast is the path to critical mass.

4. Talk to everyone: Campaigns that target the entire category outperform those that don’t. That’s because most buyers are light buyers and are rarely brand loyal. Conversely, campaigns targeted at a narrow group of ‘brand evangelists’ leave money on the table, because their total revenue contribution is quite small. The sweet spot? Reach 80% of the adressable market 2-3 times per campaign. 

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