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With rising sectarianism sweeping the region in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, we helped Al Jazeera be a voice for all voices by making diversity their difference again. By promoting a greater plurality of people and perspectives on screen and across the stories they told, they could offer audiences a more unfiltered and inclusive view of our world.


As the media landscape in the Middle East fragmented along political and sectarian lines, segments of the population began questioning the networks editorial independence. Internally there was a growing portfolio of sub-brands with unclear roles and responsibilities and with little or no link to the Masterbrand.



We decided to reaffirm Al Jazeera’s founding principles; that greater diversity, of people and perspectives, leads to a more informed and inclusive public space. Diversity was a key driver of engagement; audiences wanted to see a plurality of people and perspectives on screen and in stories. It was also a key differentiator for the brand; Al Jazeera’s newsroom was the most diverse in the world.

Al Jazeera’s Founding Principles


We serve as a forum for plurality


We focus on the truth


We are a bridge between cultures


We support people’s right to knowledge


We support people’s right to freedom of expression


We support individual liberties and human rights



Our brand strategy informed content strategy and programming choices, portfolio strategy and of course marketing promotions.

Diversity makes the difference
In the MENA region, audiences were fatigued after years of non-stop coverage of war and unrest. To re-engage the masses we recommended diversifying towards more inclusive content, lighten the tone and promote the diversity of people and perspectives at the network.


Regaining the challenger voice
In non MENA markets (North and South America, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa) our objective was to regain the challenger status of the brand with bolder and hard hitting coverage

A portfolio with purpose
Our new brand architecture solution, streamlined the number of brands in the portfolio, reducing complexity, increasing efficiency and building the Al Jazeera Masterbrand.




Making it real on screen
A new motion graphics package highlights the broadening of the offering.



Al Jazeera Arabic saw a 313% increase in Youtube subscriptions


AJ+ Arabic saw a whopping 3,217% increase in Youtube views


Al Jazeera English saw an 189% increase in Youtube views


In the same timeframe, AJ+ English saw a 298% increase in Youtube subscribers

“Brand strategy is a complex and often daunting task which requires a rare mix of skills, knowledge, and intuition. I worked with Faisal and his team for more than three years, leveraging the power of our brand to unlock a new phase of growth for Al Jazeera’s portfolio of channels, products, and services. From the world-class research-based brand strategy which brought an evidence-based approach to decision making, to the positioning which pinpointed the heart and soul of the Al Jazeera brand, Faisal helped to build the infrastructure for clear policy decisions on content, communications and new product branding.”

Director, Brand Strategy


* Work completed while at Prophet, London

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